Never thought a teenager could go back to kindergarten

Here I was thinking that a teenager couldn’t possibly be that immature that they would go around bitching and telling everyone to take sides, but apparently it’s now possible and I’m at the ‘sharp end of the knife’ as they like to say. I just personally think it’s really fucking pathetic that at the age of 16, you have to turn people against one person to show who’s more popular and who’s better and who’s more wanted all because you had a fight with that one person. holy shit man your awesome. congrats on making somebody else’s life shit. Here have a medal . -.-


Real Strength

When we think of a strong person we initially think of SuperMan or Batman or The Hulk or any other Super Hero. Not once do we say, ourselves.
Real Strength is the ability to cry yourself to sleep and wake up in the morning and smile. Or even if your sad and you put on a brave face. Real Strength is to get up, out of the bed in the morning and DO something, whether it be go to school, or go shopping, or call up your mum or dad.
You may not be able to lift up a car or a house with your bare hands, or fly. But YOU are the strongest person in the world, YOU can accomplish anything so don’t get caught up in stereotypical strength, get caught up in real strength, YOUR STRENGTH! YOU ARE THE STRONGEST PERSON IN THIS UNIVERSE and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.!


It’s funny how quickly things can change in your life, and yet how long you spend missing the way things used to be….
How you can go from talking on the phone to someone every night, to not speaking a word to them for months…
How you can be best friends with somebody one day and the next your enemies.
I know I shouldn’t spend my time worrying about the things that have passed, but no doubt you know yourself how difficult it can be to let go of the things and the people that used to make you happy… but I think it’s time now to let go of all the things from the past that I have been recently worrying about…it’s time to move on, and be happy, to look forward to the future. 

depressive and expressive.

The shit teenagers go through is astounding, all we are is judged by the older society about how stupid we are, how immature. hey guy’s we’re growing both physically and mentally and you’ve gone through it too, so don’t judge us with the shit we do, how we react to things because you were probably WORSE than us when you were our age. The older society just don’t see the society that we have grown up in. We’re losers if we haven’t lost our virginity or aren’t pregnant. We not only get judged on our clothing but by what PHONE WE HAVE! You can’t walk past one teen who isn’t a cake face or wearing the “in” clothes, because we’re all peer pressured by magazines, tv, models. We’re pressured to be just like THEM, and if we’re not well we may as well be dead, cause we won’t get any attention and that’s what it’s all about now-a-dayz. The attention. We’ve grown up in a judgemental, pathetic society and I would love to see you in our shoes, growing up in our society and see how you would cope and get through it.

look at yourself!

Take a step back. Fucking look at yourself. YOU ARE HUMAN! and you are beautiful. You can do anything. Do not concern yourself with things you cant control. Cry when you need to THEN let go when it’s time. Don’t hang onto painful memories JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE AFRAID TO FORGET. let go of the things that hurt you from the past. Stop taking things for grated, STOP TAKING LIFE FOR GRANTED!  live for something, live for YOURSElF! Tell people how you really feel! sleep UNDER THE STARS!  CREATE, IMAGINE, INSPIRE! Follow your DREAMS
live your life to the full potential!! just live GOD DAMMIT!! let go of all the horrible things in life and JUST FUCKING LIVE!!
And one day, when you’re old, you can look back with no regrets.


Isn’t it hilarious when someone tell’s you how much you mean to them, tell’s you that they practically live for you…and then one day they turn around and tell you they can’t be friends with you any longer, and it really does make you wonder, did I ever mean something to you? was everything you said to me, a lie? you start to question everything, every feeling, every word spoken, every late night phone call. It’s really just another of life’s questions that has confronted me well actually it’s punched me in the face…hard…and all i can do is suck it up and put an ice pack on my bruised eye…or heart. </3

being inspirational and what not..

so I figured it out, love is like a cigarette, you want it, you crave it. It gets you away from reality, makes you believe your in a dream…
life is like monopoly, once you start it’s gonna take you years to finish it and yes sometimes your gonna end up in jail and pay them taxes, but you’re going to continue rolling that dice and passing GO! to collect your $200.
I may not be buddha or Jesus but I’ve got the best metaphors.!


well word press told me to..;
I am a 16 year old teenage girl who normally likes to process thoughts and shit into a book…like a diary. But I thought why not put it on a blog on the WWW, may be fun, why not give myself a change from just giving myself/hearing my own comments. so here I am. You may enjoy hearing the pathetic lies I tell myself is the world and give your own opinion…or you could think ‘Boo you whore’ and well still give an opinion aha.. so yeah
-Brita. x